We can design your garden and are with you from start to finish.
Your FREE consultation covers bed prep to plant installation.
The D.I.Y. Process:
  1. Send us pictures and exact measurements of the lawn/garden space you want to renovate yourself.

  2. Anna walks you through the garden center looking at the plants, shrubs, trees, and mulches you have chosen along with her suggestions.

  3. We design out your garden to scale on graph paper and inform you of how many plants, soil, and mulch you will need to complete the job.

  4. We give you your design.

  5. You purchase your products and head home to D.I.Y.

  6. If you have questions, please call us at 985-640-8907.

Please call Anna's cell below for seasonal hours and inquiries. We are still available for Landscaping and Palm Tree Installation.

Call 985-882-7501 (Business) or 985-640-8907 (Cell) For More Information