About Us
Tiller of the Land Garden Center and Landscaping is locally owned and operated by Anna and Gary Kern.

Anna's love of gardening that was cultivated from the love of her husband and father. Anna says that with the love and support of her wonderful husband, her passion was able to come to fruition. They are also grateful for their employees who put their passion into this endeavor as well.

Growing up, Anna gardened with her dad. Every day, they picked vegetables to bring into the kitchen for her mother to cut up and lay out "like perfect little soldiers" before putting them into her homecooked meals. Anna learned "home-made gardening tips" from her daddy and how he handled his gardens. Soon, after he had passed, something "clicked" with Anna. She made a major career change and decided to turn her love of gardening into a business. From lawn care, landscaping, and now growing palms... Anna's vision has come to life in Tiller of the Land.

Today, Anna misses her dad and his "pearls" of gardening wisdom because sometimes those "home made" gardening approaches are the best. She makes a point of talk to all of her clients because she wants to enable them to become successful gardeners. Anna hopes that all of her customers encourage their children and grandchildren to learn about gardening.

Anna and Gary believe it is time well spent when families garden together.

Please call Anna's cell below for seasonal hours and inquiries. We are still available for Landscaping and Palm Tree Installation.

Call 985-882-7501 (Business) or 985-640-8907 (Cell) For More Info