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Sylvester Date Palm
Size: Mature specimens may have trunks of 50 feet with a canopy spread of 25 feet plus. This Phoenix species is highly variable with many "types" maturing at considerable smaller sizes.
Habit of Growth: Single upright trunk with full canopy.
Light Requirements: Full sun.
Soil Requirements: Tolerant of a wide range of soils (adapts well to the calcareous soils of the Florida Keys and Caribbean Islands).
Water Requirements: Does best with even moisture, but will tolerate occasional flooding, as well as periods of drought when fully established.
Cold Tolerance: Hardy to at least Zone 9.
Landscape Uses: 'Sylvesters' are an excellent choice for avenue planting or as an accent tree. In formal settings, most specifiers want matched sized trees or groups of trees. Less formal applications look best with staggered sizes creating a grove or broad canopy setting. Multiple trunk trees create a spectacular specimen.
Special Attributes: P. sylvestris have fewer disease and insect problems than P. canariensis and P. dactylifera. Additionally, sylvesters transplant more easily with faster re-establishment.
Sylvester Date