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Livistonia Nitidia Fan Palm
Size: 40' - 50' H x 15' W.
Habit of Growth: Single upright trunk with full canopy.
Light Requirements: Full sun for mature trees. Juveniles do better with filtered light.
Soil Requirements: Will perform well in a variety of soil types. For best growth, this palm seems to prefer finer textured soils with good moisture and nutrient holding capacity.
Water Requirements: For re-establishment or a faster growth rate, use even or fairly high application rates. When established, L. Nitida will tolerate periods of drought or occasional flooding..
Cold Tolerance: Quite hardy to at least Zone 8-B.
Landscape Uses: A good choice for a variety of applications. Can be used for avenue planting or in groups with staggered heights. This newly introduced species can be used as a more attractive alternative to Sabals, Chinese Fan Palms and Washingtonias. Livistona Nitida is not known to have the pest and disease problems commonly found with many other palm species.
Special Attributes: Dark green foliage, attractive thatched trunk (beautiful ringed trunk devoid of boots when older), cold hardiness and pest resistance contribute to the desirability of Livistona Nitida.
Nitidia Palm