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Mule Palm
Size: Around 40' H x 20' W.
Habit of Growth: Single upright trunk with full canopy.
Light Requirements: Full sun.
Soil Requirements: Slightly acidic to neutral soil.
Water Requirements: Even moisture in reasonably well drained sites - does not like "wet feet."
Cold Tolerance: Zone 8B or a bit colder.
Landscape Uses: Focal or accent points subordinated with vegetation suggestive of the tropics.
Special Attributes: A tropical appeal for cooler climates. Robust individuals are striking additions to any landscape. Slightly curved trunks have coconut-like appearance. Mule palms are an intergenetic hybrid. They are grown from seeds taken from Pindo palm which have been fertilized with the pollen from the Queen palm. As such, they are highly variable in their characteristics. This cold, hardy palm has tropical appeal with Zone 8B tolerance.
Mule Palm