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Butia Palm
Size: This Florida native is a slow grower to about 20 feet.
Habit of Growth: When the palm is young, the fronds stay low to the ground, so allow a bit of room for them to spread out. As it matures, the Pindo develops a thick trunk covered with woody leaf bases for many years, and the fronds curl downward to form a handsome top.
Light Requirements: These palms prefer a full sun location, though they'll tolerate partial shade.
Soil Requirements: A Pindo palm tree is about as easy care as it gets. Amending the soil is advised when planting in areas with clay.
Water Requirements: It doesn't like to be kept overly wet, and once the palm is established, minimal irrigation is fine.
Cold Tolerance: These palms can tolerate temperatures down to 15 F for short periods of time.
Landscape Uses: Striking in appearance, the Pindo's feather-leaf, silver-colored fronds (some call it more of a blue-green) create an outstanding contrast to a typical yard's greenery.
Special Attributes: These are some of the hardiest palms, laughing at cold, blazing sun, salty air, and dry conditions.
Butia Palm